The Size Tree Java Applet

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The Size Tree Java Applet

If you have a working implementation of Java 1.1, you will see a Size Tree diagram of US population data. By clicking on various locations, you can quickly change the scale revealing details within the data that are not apparent at full scale.

Interactive behavior

Clicking on any box scales that node to fill the available height. Clicking outside the boxes scales the entire data set to fill the available height. Clicking on the copyright notice takes you to my home page. :-)

Using Size Trees to visualize US population data

Click on any state or region to change the scale of the chart. The fraction of the size in view is displayed at the upper left corner. Click in the background to reset the scale.

Ut oh, it appears Java is not functioning. Sorry, no applet.

Fig. 1. Size Tree Java applet showing US population for states and regions.