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Dynamic Graphics Programming and User Interface Design

Graphic Design Portfolio

Although my degree is in Math/Computer Science, I've been taking art classes since I was a small child. I've been fascinated with printing and typography ever since I noticed as a child that no matter how carefully I wrote, it didn't quite look like printed text. How did they do that? When I encountered my first laser printer in 1982 and learned Scribe, I was delighted.

Line Art

Adobe Illustrator is the program I use most often for line art and typographic manipulations. If you have lots of time, ask me how it could be improved. Better yet, hire me to build something better.

Simple illustration of a horse-drawn carriage.
Technical illustration with careful perspective construction. A slightly different version of this graphic was used in Wired and Internet World magazines.
Cartoon about partner dancing. The moves are sometimes complicated.

Typographic Designs

My strengths in line drawing are a keen design sense, a strong drive to communicate, and intense attention to formal details, such as perspective construction.

Spot illustration built with type (Monotype's Gill Sans Ultra Bold and Berthold's Bellevue).
Modified type for a regular column in a newsletter.
Section of a user interface illustrating logotype, embossing and use of color.
Logo for the MacApp To PowerPC Cooperative; also appeared on the cover of MacTech magazine.
Alternate version in which the text is readable.

Photo Manipulation

When I bought my first scanner, I thought I could use Fractal Design Painter instead of Adobe Photoshop. Wrong. At the time, Painter was cute, but it crashed a lot and wasn't fast for preparing scanned images for print. So, I purchased Photshop 2.51 and I've been happy ever since. It would be wonderful to have an application that had the best of both.

Garden variety photo editing. Removed a big scratch, lightened a shadow, and removed a lock of hair.
"Trick photography" a la Photoshop; that's me on the right getting my head squished.

Painting and Rendering

Realistic illustration painted on the computer without photography or 3D modeling software.
Composition of light and shadow, gradients and distortion filters.
Curves, color, texture, composition of organic and geometric shapes.

Visual Puns

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