Didah Morse Code PDA/Appliance  1.2
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Didah Morse Code PDA/Appliance Documentation

Didah - A Morse code PDA/Appliance for the Teensy 3.0 ARM Cortex-M4 development board
Copyright © 2013 The Pictographer's Shop.

The hardware supplies two touch sensor buttons, an audio output, and a USB serial port. For the voltage monitor appliance, there are three sources of audio output:

  • an internal speaker,
  • an earphone jack, and
  • a terminal block output. The voltage monitor also has a green LED and a red LED.

The touch sensor buttons function as an Iambic keyer with one button for dit, and the other for dah. The serial port provides a command line interface for viewing and modifying settings.

Setting can also be updated using a Morse code interface. Symbols are pushed on a stack. When the contents of the stack match a command, the command is executed. Like an HP calculator, a typical command sequence has arguments entered, followed by a command.

Didah Voltage Monitor schematic